#Portraitreihe: Frauen der re:publica – Fernanda Parente

#DMW rocken die re:publica. Foto: Inken Arntzen, Grafik: Nicole Hundertmark

Hinter den Kulissen der re:publica ziehen eine ganze Reihe spannender Frauen die Strippen, damit die Konferenz reibungslos über die Bühne geht. Wie in jedem Jahr stellen wir sie auch in diesem Jahr wieder vor: Im Rahmen unserer Portraitreihe „Frauen der re:publica“.


Foto: Fernanda Parente, privat


Ich heiße: Fernanda Parente
Twitter: @nandaparente


Meine Aufgabe bei der re:publica: I’m responsible for the curation of the program in the labore:tory, an experimental 4-floor space focusing on the intersection of culture, technology and society. The space will host two stages with talks and discussions, an exhibition space showcasing art installations, paintings, virtual reality as well other playful surprises.


Mein Job im “normalen Leben”: I work as a freelance curator, which gives me the opportunity to get involved in a variety of amazing projects like re:publica throughout the year. I also run Shebeen Flick, Berlin’s Irish Film Festival which happens every march in Kino Moviemento.


So bin ich ins Team gekommen: I went to re:publica as participant for the first time last year as we were looking into a partnership with another project I was involved in. The partnership didn’t happen but I kept in touch with the team and now here I am! 🙂


Mein Highlight bei der #rp: The people. It’s priceless to work with such a nice bunch of people, who are also super professional and at the same time have fun with what they do.

Nach der #rp werde ich als erstes: I will go on a road trip to Italy!


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Portraitreihe: Frauen der re:publica

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