Die #dmwHH laden ein: Technology where you don't expect it

Liebe Digital Media Women, Men und Supporter,

am 31. August haben wir ein spezielles internationales Event für euch im Angebot. Um 19 Uhr bei Scholz & Friends Am Sandtorkai 76. Den Rest gibt es – der englischsprachigen Veranstaltung entsprechend – auf Englisch:

Technology where you don’t expect it

Hand crafted production in a digitally virtual business world

We live in a consumerist society: wearing clothes produced in alarming conditions in countries like China, eating fast food in American chains, trying to enjoy wines and sweets that we wouldn’t be able to swallow in most cases, if we knew where they are from. We invited two women who are doing extraordinarily in their respective fields, both very different from the usual way businesses these days produce their product.

Andrea Kolb
Andrea Kolb
Andrea Kolb has been working as a manager internationally, her most recent business is Abury, a company that prides itself to provide „a statement for a new, value-oriented, sensual and authentic luxury product which captures and shares the zest for life of various cultures“. Ethics and sustainability are main points in the Abury innovation, they deal in authentic handcrafted fashion.

More than that: Because mass production endangers traditional Maroccan fashion crafts – with which for instance beautifully stitched vintage leather bags are made – Abury is financing local sewing schools to safeguard the tradition. At #dmwHH, Andrea will talk about hand-crafted product development, inspired by a digitally modern world.

Alyssa Jade McDonald
Alyssa Jade McDonald

The second guest of the night is Alyssa Jade McDonald who once left Australia to work as a manager for the Deutsche Telekom. Her inspiring life story lead her to found Blyss Chocolate. She recreated chocolate from the actual bean itself, inspired by ancient cold grind methods. Blyss is about „treating yourself to the luxury of happiness while raising the quality of life for everyone“, says Lyss, „from the farmers‘ families to the retailers‘ bottom line, from our neighbours‘ bodies to our best friends‘ conscience.“

Her company sells luxury chocolate that promises guilt-free, „conscious indulgence“. At #dmwHH, Lyss will talk about the role of technology in re-inventing chocolate industry. Hand made product, high tech go to market – technology where you least expect it in the manufacturing industry… and hopefully she will have some of her amazing chocolate handy.

Keynotes plus open discussion. Entry: free.

Limited access. Register for the event now.

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